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66 Days | 6 Modules | Daily Action Steps | Money the No F*cking Around Way


"I'm just not good with money."
"I want to to increase my income - but how?"
"I make a lot of money but but I still have no savings."
"I just gotta get my money game together!"
"Talking about money makes me uncomfortable."
"Rich people are greedy jerks."
"I should have more money but something's wrong with me."
"I want more money but I feel selfish."
"I'm so tired of being stuck in survival mode."
"If only I had more money, I'd ____."
"If I'm rich, other people have to suffer."
"I want to do something I love, but how will I get paid to do it?"

that will help you finally stop worrying about money and take the necessary actions to build your long-term wealth. 

Learn How Your Mindset & Habits Are Setting You Up for Financial Success


"Master your money or it will master you!"

Hi! I'm Dr. Amanda Barrientez and I live by this mantra because I've come to realize how significantly correlated money is with every other area of life and business.

Our relationship to money is tied to our sense of well-being, self-worth, relationship success, confidence, physical and emotional health, spiritual beliefs, how much we charge for our services, how we make decisions, if we're willing to do work we love, and the list goes on and on.

Yet even though it's one of the most important areas of life to master, parents don't typically (know how to) teach children useful money skills and there are no money courses taught in school - not even the foundational money 101 basics.

This is CRAZY! And it's the reason why I've created this course. 

My back story...A few years ago I was feeding my kids with food stamps, trying to work my way through grad school after a divorce. I WORRIED DAILY about money and thought that I'd forever be stuck in survival mode.

I believed that rich people had some magic gift that I didn't have and never would.

Luckily, I had a pivotal turning point where I realized that I was the center of my problems and I started down the personal growth and development journey. Everything has changed since!

Now it is my mission, my purpose, and my joy to help people learn how to shift their mindset and implement habits to become financially empowered.

If you're reading this right now, it means YOU'RE READY. 

Ready to stop worrying about money.

Ready to let go of the shame you feel about $ "failures."

Ready to take radical responsibility.

Ready to invest in yourself.

Ready to learn how to get paid to do what you love.

Ready to develop successful money habits. 

Ready to transform into a No F*CKING AROUND money magnet master! 

I'm so glad you're here. It means we were drawn together to be on the money growth path as a team. I'm here to teach you the way toward cultivating a new relationship with money. A relationship where you create wealth on your terms. One where you get to be fulfilled and empowered. 

This course will give you all the steps I took to go from food stamps to 6-figures (and building toward a multi-million dollar global company). I'll teach you how to own your personal power, and transform your mindset while implementing new foundational habits. You'll experience a money habit reset.

No matter where you're starting from today - on food stamps or already making 6-figures - the principles you'll learn in this course will help you take it to the next level. 

If, when you think about money, you get STRESSED, WORRIED, and feel UNFULFILLED, then this 66 day course is for you!

Why 66 days?

Because recent research reveals that, on average, it takes 66 days to develop a new habit. So, I designed this course to have you focus your thoughts, decisions and actions on money mastery for the next 66 days straight.

By taking daily strategic action, you will catalyze your money magnetism and lay the foundation for cultivating long term wealth building habits.

During these 66 days, you'll be given the tools that will help you empower your relationship to money. By implementing the tools, you will have the power to construct your money magnet map and create the financial outcomes you feel are in alignment with your unique money dreams.

  • This is a 6 module, 66 day course. Modules unlock as you work through daily lessons.
  • Daily lessons include a combination of videos, podcasts, interviews, reflection questions, assessments and action step exercises.  
  • All videos and  podcasts are supplemented with a downloadable PDF self-reflection exercise and/or action steps to integrate that day's content.
  • Expect to spend a minimum of 30 - 60 minutes each day on coursework. This time includes doing an assessment, watching or listening to the lesson, and then action step exercises that will include writing time in your money magnet journal.  
  • The course is self-paced - meaning that the pace is up to you - so you can do the daily lesson as it's released or do hours of coursework all at once. Though, I recommend consistent daily action to experience the most significant shifts.
  • You'll have lifetime access to this course, so re-visit any module or lesson as necessary to review and strengthen your money master skills.

MODULE 1: Your Money OS (Operating System)

    • This module will help you gain clarity about how your Money Operating System is configured. What downloads did you get from the adults in your life about money? How are these unconsciously running your current money programming? Think of this module as your money virus scan.

MODULE 2: Personal Power = Money Power

    • In this module we'll focus on recognizing where you're already a millionaire, how your values orientation shapes your relationship to money, and you'll take action to build your personal power which will help you cultivate your money power. Think of this module as your money confidence foundation.

MODULE 3: Win-Win Money Relationships

    • This module explores money as a relationship. How do you relate to money? How does money show up in your relationships? How can you create a win-win relationship with money? Think of this module as your money relationship reset.

MODULE 4: Master Your Money Magnet Mindset

    • In this module you will learn strategies to master your money magnet mindset. You'll get conscious about your money fears and blocks and explore how money shame is an unconscious driver limiting your ability to build wealth. This is the module where you will experience a money mindset reboot.

MODULE 5: NFA Money Magnet Habits

    • In this module you will learn the cornerstone strategic money habits to implement in order to become a money magnet master. In these lessons, we'll address earning, saving, investing and budgeting, how to work with debt, and how to build your net worth. 

MODULE 6: Your Money Magnet Map

    • In this module, you’ll construct your money vision. What lifestyle do you want to create? What does long term wealth mean to you? What legacy do you want to leave? The outcome of this final module is that you will have a money magnet map that will be your updated money OS guiding you on your empowered financial journey.


66 Lessons to Help You Learn How to Master Your Money!

The main GOALS of the NFA Money Magnet Habits Course are for you to:

  • Gain clarity about your money blocks.
  • Reduce worries, fears, shame, and guilt around money.
  • Learn how your history has created autopilot thoughts and habits that have kept you financially disempowered.
  • Reconstruct your relationship to money.
  • Take 66 days of strategic action to establish the confidence, mindset and habits that will help you become financially empowered.
  • Become a NFA Money Magnet Master to build long-term wealth on your terms.

Disclaimer: This is a BRAND NEW COURSE so more testimonials are on the way!


"The wealth of content contained in this class is priceless. Writing my money OS during the first module alone completely transformed the way that I relate to and conceptualize my ability to create abundance and affluence in my life. I am so grateful to have received the teachings of money the NFA way!"

- Josh L. -

➡️ 6 Key Money Principles to Create the Financial Future of Your Dreams + A Complimentary Consultation

This value-filled bonus is a video lesson presented by money master Mara, who is an international speaker, bestselling author and entrepreneur who is the CO-founder and CEO of Life Made to Order a company run by here and her husband.

➡️ 20 Affirmations to Effortlessly Magnetize Money Your Way 

➡️ Supercharge Credit Fix: How to Boost Your Credit in the Next 30 Days 

Both of these are PDF downloads offered by Dr. Petrina who is the founder and CEO of A Queen With Dreams. She's a MONEY, MINDSET, and MANIFESTATION expert, and spiritual success strategist for women who want to unleash their manifestation power.

➡️ The New Rules of Real Estate Investing: 24 Leading Experts Reveal Their Real Estate Secrets + A Complimentary Consultation

This #1 selling Amazon book is offered by Zachary Beach a member of the Smart Real Estate Coach team and is for those of you looking for a way to build your wealth through real estate investment. 

➡️ Access to the Private Facebook NFA Money Magnet Masters Community 

➡️ Once a Month Live Online Q&A Office Hour with Dr. B 

Once a month, you can join Dr. B live on Zoom to ask any questions you have about course material, money habits and places you're struggling. It's also a perfect place to share your accomplishments and connect live to the NFA Money Magnet Masters community.




This course is for you if you're someone who:

  • Wants to become more financially empowered.
  • Earns $0 - 1 million+ a year.
  • Feels worried about money.
  • Experiences stress or anxiety about money.
  • Avoids thinking or talking about money.
  • Gets in money-related fights in your relationships.
  • Does not like your job and wants a different career.
  • Is tired of being stuck with the same annual income.
  • Wishes you had the habits to help you increase your income.
  • Has been saying you want to save and invest more, but hasn't followed through.
  • Wants to build long term wealth.

This is a self-paced online course that you get to take from the comfort of your home. Modules will unlock as you complete lessons. So, you may complete each daily lesson every day for 66 days, finish several in one block, or spread them out as you integrate. It's up to you! 

This is a 66-lesson, 6 module course which includes videos, podcasts, assessments and action step worksheets.

You will:

  • Gain clarity about your money blocks.
  • Reduce worries, fears, shame, and guilt around money.
  • Learn how your history has created autopilot thoughts and habits that have kept you financially disempowered.
  • Reconstruct your relationship to money.
  • Take 66 days of strategic action to establish the confidence, mindset and habits that will help you become more financially empowered.
  • Lay the foundation to build long-term wealth.

See the 30 day money back guarantee below!


Which means there's ZERO RISK to you.

If you don't believe you've gotten 10x the value from the material, then email [email protected] ANYTIME during the 30 days, showing that you did the work, and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

If you're ready to finally become financially empowered and you think this may be the course for you - GIVE IT A TRY!

Implement everything you're learning for 30 days and see what happens. No guess work. 

If it works, you'll feel an increased sense of personal power. You'll notice increased clarity about where you've been blocked and financially disempowered. You'll experience less worry and fear around money. You'll have a money habits reset and be on your way toward developing lasting money confidence so you can build wealth on your terms.

Think of what it will cost you if you don't take this course and remember, to BE NFA you've got to decide, commit and take action. So take the first step now with no risk.'s a no brainer.

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