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Feeling Undervalued in Relationships?

Feeling Undervalued in Relationships?

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Intro and why does maxing your potential matter?

Max potential pillars:

1. Personal Power
2. Connected Relationships
3. Mastering Your Money Mindset


Undervalued = feeling resentful, like other people are better than you, not knowing how to speak up.

The problem of feeling undervalued is an area where many people struggle. Could be in intimate relationships, at work, with your kids, or in friendships.

Rooted in holding yourself in the pit and the other people around you on a pedestal.


Dr. Demartini, one of my mentor’s philosophy.

This framework of thinking has to do with realizing that we all have equal value but if you recognize your value, you're going to devalue yourself and overvalue others.

You’ll put yourself in the pit and other people on a pedestal, which gives them the unequal power distribution in relationship.

To stop...

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What is PERSONAL POWER? + Bonus Assessment




Do what it takes to LEAD A RICH LIFE & BUSINESS.

About Amanda 
& ABi Coaching

Dr. Amanda Barrientez is the founder of ABi Coaching, a private coaching institute that teaches growth-minded people how to get unstuck so they can maximize their potential. It is her greatest inspiration to provide clients with practical, actionable strategies to help them -

*Transform Shame, Fear, & Emotional Blocks 
*See Blind Spots and Gain Clarity 
*Cultivate Confidence 
*Access Personal, Leadership, & Entrepreneurial Power 
*Awaken Inner Genius to Live from Mission, Purpose & Meaning 
*Develop & Nurture Connected Relationships 
*Become a Money Mindset Master 
*Implement Max Potential Habits 
*Accelerate Biz P.E.P.

- so they can lead thriving, kick-ass, RICH lives and businesses that have the power to make a massive...

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How to Boost Self Confidence - Rich Life Tip #4

[Video Transcript]

How to Boost Self-Confidence – Rich Life Tip #4

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Lead a Rich Life Channel. I’m Dr. Amanda Barrientez - founder of ABi Coaching.

This is the channel where you’ll learn actionable Rich Life Tips that you can immediately implement into your life to help you access your personal power, develop and nurture connected relationships, and master your money mindset so you can LEAD A RICH LIFE. Every video I’ll give you simple tips that you can immediately implement and I’ll provide you with a bonus downloadable sheet to help you deepen your learning.

Today, we’re going to talk about How to Boost Self-Confidence — specifically in the area of self-doubt through negatively comparing yourself to others. As always, I’ll provide action steps at the end, so be sure to stick around.

Do you constantly doubt yourself and think other people are better than you?

Maybe it shows up at work—you think...

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How to Change Your Life Right Now - Rich Life Tip #1

How to Change Your Life Right Now - Rich Life Tip #1

Video Transcript:

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Lead a Rich Life Channel. I’m Dr. Amanda Barrientez. Founder of ABi Coaching.

This is the channel where you’ll learn actionable Rich Life Tips to help you access your personal power, develop and nurture connected relationships and master your money mindset so you can LEAD A RICH LIFE.

Today, we’re going to talk about How to Change Your Life Right Now. At the end of the video I’ll give you an action step to help you transform from where you are now to where you want to be. Plus, I’ll give you a downloadable link that dives deeper on this topic and helps you practice what you’ve learned today. So, be sure to stick around until the end.

Learning how to change your life right now is a critical skill that’s useful to literally everyone I know. So, let’s get started.

Think of something that you’re wanting to change in your life right...

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Five Action Steps to Create the Relationship You Desire

Do you feel like you are constantly failing at relationships?

This feeling is the number one complaint among my coaching clients and was my own initiation into pursuing the path of personal growth and development.

Unfortunately, there are no required relationship courses offered in school. So we fumble along observing the relationships around us to figure out what to do. For some of us, this is helpful and for others it leaves us in the dark, not knowing how to be successful in the relationship world.

I personally struggled in my intimate relationships for years but didn’t understand it was in my power to fix the problem. Only after a fifteen year marriage, a divorce, and then a challenging breakup, did I make a vow that I was willing to do whatever it takes to have a fulfilling intimate relationship.

This vow massively transformed every area of my life. It led me to avidly listening to growth and development podcasts, audio books, reading blogs, attending intensive...

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Do You Negatively Compare Yourself to Others?

Do you constantly compare yourself to others and believe they are somehow better than you?

It may be that at work you believe your colleagues are smarter or more productive than you.

Perhaps it’s comparing yourself to other fathers who you think are better providers.

Or you believe those “supermoms” seem to have it all together, why don’t I?

Maybe it shows up in your relationships through behaving jealously, worrying that your partner wants to be with someone who’s younger, smarter, or more attractive.

It could be related to your aging body where you critically examine every wrinkle, the thickness of your hair, and the fitness level you’re struggling to maintain.

Or maybe you compare yourself to the Jones’ who have a luxury car, a bigger house, and go on more extravagant vacations.

No matter which variety, all versions of negative self-comparison have crippling effects on our sense of self-confidence. They induce self-doubt and limit our...

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