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The Kick-Ass Power of Exercise - #MaxPotentialHabits

The Kick-Ass Power of Exercise

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Intro & Topic:
Dr. Amanda Barrientez - founder of ABi Coaching
Today, a critical max potential tip - THE KICK-ASS POWER OF EXERCISE
Now through January 1st – expect tips for 2019 success.
Don’t wait – IMPLEMENT NOW!
Put systems and strategies in place now.
Get max potential tips established now, so you can hit the ground running in 2019.


Max Potential Pillars Review:
1. Personal Power
2. Win-Win Relationships
3. Mastering Money
In the PERSONAL POWER pillar - one key essential foundational ingredient is your physical health.
Are you taking care of your physical body?
What kind of physical body do you want to create this year?
What do you want to shape and transform yourself into?
If you're already an exerciser, you know the POWER OF EXERCISING:
-Increased mental clarity
-Enhanced immunity
-Sharper focus
-Work longer
-Body confidence
-Consistent moods
-Weight maintenance
Overall - empower yourself to kick ass in...

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Change Your Life One Step at a Time

On my trail run this morning I had a fond memory of my one of my best friends asking me to do a marathon with her. I thought, why not?

During high school, I was a competitive swimmer so I had confidence in my athletic abilities and it was perfect timing because my third and last child was one month old and I had gained 36 pounds during my pregnancy. I was feeling beyond ready to get back in shape and be strong and slim again.

We decided to go out for a short one-mile run around a local lake to see what it felt like. I vividly remember about half a mile in thinking, HOLY SHIT running is hard! When I got home my back ached, my legs were sore, and my mind was reeling. How in the world do people run 26.2 miles? Why would they want to? There’s no way I will ever be able to do it! But I stretched and I went out to run again a few days later. Over about a year, I lost the baby weight and I fell in love with running.

Here I am 12 years after that first one-mile run with several...

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