What To Do in the Midst of TRANSITION - #MaxPotentialHabits

Mar 19, 2020

During this collective panic, how could you take time for a collective pause? What if you allowed yourself to use this break as a time of deep inner reflection and strength? On this Max Potential Habits episode, you'll learn action steps to help you look for the opportunities instead of being fearful about the obstacles.

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About Amanda 
& NFA Coaching

Dr. Amanda Barrientez is a No Fucking Around Business Accelerator Coach who will help you master your mindset, overcome your money blocks and optimize your habits so you can be a wealth entrepreneur. She's known for going from food stamps to building a $6-figure biz in less than 3 years and she loves helping entrepreneurs get into action in these areas:    

*Confidence & Personal Power
*NFA Mindset & Biz Performance Habits
*Clarity & Alignment with Why & Vision
*Win-Win Relationships & Teams
*Overcome Inner-Blocks, Fear and Self-Doubt
*Discover Money Blocks & Increase $$ Magnetism
*Catalyze Business Growth & Development
*Law of Attraction & Manifestation
*Demartini Method & Values Facilitation

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