How to Overcome Your Money Blocks - Rich Life Tip #2

How to Overcome Your Money Blocks - Rich Life Tip #2

Jun 20, 2018

How to Overcome Your Money Blocks– Rich Life Tip #2

Video Transcript:

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Lead a Rich Life Channel. I’m Dr. Amanda Barrientez. Founder of ABi Coaching.

This is the channel where every Wednesday, you’ll learn actionable Rich Life Tips that you can implement immediately into your life to help you access your personal power, develop and nurture connected relationships and master your money mindset. Every video I’ll give you simple tips and strategies as well as a bonus worksheet that you can download to practice what you’ve learned.

Today, we’re going to talk about How to Overcome Your Money Blocks. Overcoming your money blocks is important because it helps you learn what might be sabotaging you from earning, saving and investing more money. This video is filled with gold nuggets, so be sure to stick around until the end!

Have you ever felt like you wanted to earn or save more money but like some invisible force was stopping you?

What if you could earn more money and even double your savings this year?

It’s possible to become a money master but you’ve got to learn some of the key elements that are blocking you from becoming one. This is one of my because I used to be stuck in a life of constant money worries and learning about my money blocks was one step in my transformation.  

It wasn’t long ago that I was a single mom trying to work my way through grad school and I had to go on food stamps to feed my kids. I lived in a tiny apartment and I slept on the living room floor on a thin little mattress because we didn’t have enough bedrooms.

I started to realize that through learning about wealth and working on personal growth and development, I could be empowered to change my financial reality. I want to see this happen for you too!

One key lesson I learned on my wealth building journey is that money mastery doesn’t have to be a mystery. It is a skill that can be learned by ANYONE who has the desire to learn and the will to put what they’re learning into action.  

Today I want to share with you a few ways that you can start to understand your own money blocks. The reason this is important is because once you start to understand your beliefs about money and wealthy people, you can unblock the flow of money into your life and the wealth building journey will be much easier.    

Money blocks show up in a wide variety of ways in people’s lives.

Let me give you a few examples:

I’ve worked with high income clients who’ve built multi-million dollar businesses. They would be successfully earning and growing their companies and then their money would hit a certain level in the bank and something would happen to sabotage their business from growing. They’d get sued, they’d invest unwisely, and they’d have to start all over. It was as if when they got to that certain amount, something was repelling the money away from them.

On the flip side, I’ve worked with lower-income earners who have a desire to save and earn more money. They’d be on track building their savings account but then they’d have repeating issues that would happen in their lives unexpectedly. They’d have to dip into their savings accounts and then spend the money and start back where they were.

What was happening in these cases is that money blocks were sabotaging them from wealth building.

One of the most common money blocks I’ve discovered is the belief that something bad will happen if we have too much money.  

It is most often an unconscious belief that money is a “bad,” “evil” thing that causes us to be “greedy,” “selfish” “jerks” if we have too much.

This leads to sabotaging behaviors because why would we ever want to become what we fear or hate?

So, if you have the belief that money is bad, evil think and that having too much of it causes you to be a greedy, selfish monster, then the universe will send you obstacles to bring the amount down that you’ve been saving and earning, in order for you to not become what you unconsciously fear or hate.

The first step in overcoming your money blocks is to raise your awareness of your beliefs about money and wealthy people. Raising your awareness allows you to gain clarity on some of the unconscious money blocks that may be sabotaging your wealth building.

So, here’s your action step:

I want you to complete the following two statements:

  1. Wealthy people are _______________.

Maybe for you it’s wealthy people are inauthentic, or wealthy people are greedy, or wealthy people are mean. List whatever comes to your mind.

And…complete this statement:

  1. If I have a lot of money I will ________________.

Maybe for you it’s - if I have a lot of money, I will lose my friends, or if I have a lot of money I will become a jerk. List whatever comes to your mind.

Continue to focus on raising your awareness all week about your beliefs about money, wealthy people and what you fear you will become if you have a lot of money.

Doing this will empower you to understand your unique money blocks that may be sabotaging you from earning, saving, and investing money – the three key components to wealth building.

Alright, don’t forget to go to the video’s description below for a free downloadable worksheet that summarizes what you’ve learned, gives you some practice and there’s a bonus that will help you learn how to become a money magnet.

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Now…get inspired to do whatever it takes to transform into the most empowered version of yourself so you can LEAD A RICH LIFE.

I’ll see you next Wednesday with another Rich Life Tip.


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