Want to Start Your Day Productive? Try This Morning Ritual!
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Want to Start Your Day Productive? Try This Morning Ritual!

 Do you want to be a habits master
and start your day productive?

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Do you want to be a habits master who starts out your day productive?
Implement this habit that many people resist but find empowering for their business development.
Habit? …. A daily business journaling practice.

Implement strategic morning rituals to increase productivity and flow.
Five days a week, every morning.
Ideas for journaling questions and format.
Brainstorm blocks and fears.
Opportunities for bold action.
Are actions aligned congruently with my values?

Bring awareness to reasons for procrastinating.
Raise clarity.
Track to know where to make adjustments.
Affirmations and gratitude.

Follow me on insta @ABi_Coaching for affirmation ideas.
Combat your inner-critic.
Train your brain toward affirmative declarations.

Become your inner cheerleader.
Develop personal power
Review your daily action steps.
Journaling helps to bring consciousness and clarity to what’s working and areas to improve.

Review once a week to see patterns.
Don’t be overwhelmed – just start now – even with 3 minutes of journaling per day.

IN SUM, become your greatest detective because if you want to create a thriving business, you've got to be conscious and clear about who you are, how you show up, and what kind of skills you need to develop to improve. Journaling will help you do this!

Get INSPIRED to do whatever it takes to
TRANSFORM into the most EMPOWERED version of yourself
so you can THRIVE in your personal and professional life!

About Amanda 
& ABi Coaching

Dr. Amanda Barrientez is the founder of ABi Coaching, a private coaching institute that teaches growth-minded business builders max potential strategies so they can thrive in their personal and professional life. She’s known for her N.F.A. (No Fucking Around😉 ) approach that will help you: 

*Implement Max Potential Habits
*Transform Shame, Fear, & Emotional Blocks
*See Blind Spots and Gain Clarity
*Cultivate Confidence
*Access Personal, Leadership, & Entrepreneurial Power
*Awaken Inner Genius to Live from Mission, Purpose & Meaning
*Nurture Win-Win Relationships
*Become a Money Master
*Develop Strategies to Execute and Accomplish Goals
*Monetize Knowledge
*Accelerate Biz P.E.P.

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