Do You Know How Powerful You Are?

Do You Know How Powerful You Are?

Sep 19, 2019

You matter! Your dreams matter! Sometimes you might get stuck while making your dreams happen. That's okay. On today's episode Dr. B gives you five steps to lead a thriving life and business.

1. Have the Desire
2. Have the Belief
3. Develop Clarity
4. Commit
5. Take Action

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Get INSPIRED to do whatever it takes to
TRANSFORM into the most EMPOWERED version of yourself
so you can lead a purposeful and profitable life and business!

About Amanda 
& NFA Coaching

Dr. Amanda Barrientez is a NFA - No F*cking Around - business building coach. She works with entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and small businesses, teaching them how to execute max potential strategies so they can lead purposeful and profitable lives and businesses.

*Self Optimization - Personal & Leadership Power
*NFA Mindset & Habits 
*Gain Clarity & Build Momentum
*Work from Your Genius Juice
*Win-Win Relationships & Teams
*Overcome Grief, Guilt, Shame & Fear
*Money Mastery & Wealth Building
*Implement Strategies to Execute & Accomplish Goals
*Accelerate Business Growth & Expansion
*Business Development Action Plans
*Demartini Method & Values Facilitator

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