3 Ways to Increase Your Money Flow - #NFACoaching
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3 Ways to Increase Your Money Flow

Jul 03, 2019

In today's Max Potential Habits podcast and video, you'll learn 3 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR MONEY FLOW:

➡️ Stop Minimizing Yourself

➡️ Accept Compliments

➡️ Create a Pamper Yourself Account

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About Amanda 
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Dr. Amanda Barrientez is a NFA - No F*cking Around - mindset, habits and business building coach. She works with entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and small businesses, teaching them how to execute max potential strategies so they can thrive in life and business. NFA Coaching will help you: 

*Develop the NFA Mindset
*Implement Max Potential Habits
*Gain Clarity and Build Momentum
*Work from Your Genius Zone
*Cultivate Personal, Leadership, & Entrepreneurial Power
*Nurture Win-Win Relationships
*Become a Money Master
*Utilize Strategies to Execute and Accomplish Goals
*Accelerate Business Growth & Expansion
*NFA 90 x 90 Business Development Plan

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