3 Pillars of a RICH Life - Rich Life Tip #5

3 Pillars of a RICH Life - Rich Life Tip #5

Jul 12, 2018

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The 3 Pillars of a RICH Life –

Rich Life Tip #5

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Lead a Rich Life Channel. I’m Dr. Amanda Barrientez - founder of ABi Coaching.

If this is your first time to the channel, this is your place where every Wednesday I’ll give you actionable Rich Life Tips to help you access your personal power, develop and nurture connected relationships, and master your money mindset so you can LEAD A RICH LIFE. These tips will be actionable, simple, practical strategies that you can implement into your everyday life and EVERY VIDEO  I’ll provide a free bonus downloadable worksheet for you to enhance what you’ve learned in the video.

Today, we’re going to talk about The 3 Pillars of a RICH Life and at the end I’ll give you some questions to consider to see how these three pillars are shaping your rich life journey.

Have you ever thought – I wish my life had more meaning?

I used to feel this way all the time and through teaching and coaching, I’ve come to learn that people long for more meaningful lives. I can’t count how many people have said to me, “I just wish my life had more meaning.”

This longing to live a more meaningful life,

is the quest to lead a RICH life.

What is a rich life?

A rich life is a sense of inspired joy and meaning. It’s being deeply fulfilled in every area of your life.

And I’m so glad you’re here today because I want you to know the three essential building blocks to leading a rich life.

If you’ve been watching my channel and listening to my intro, you already know them:

First, let’s talk about PERSONAL POWER. What is personal power?

It’s self-love, self-worth, self-confidence. It’s your ability to know, trust and believe in yourself. It’s your growth-oriented mindset. It’s your ability to be a full, empowered expression of you. It’s you valuing yourself and loving your being enough to take care of your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Personal power is your spiritual path because it’s how you show up in the world to serve humanity through shining your light and expressing your inner-genius.

When you cultivate the seeds of personal power, you have the opportunity to create joy and meaning in your life.

The next pillar, CONNECTED RELATIONSHIPS, is the second essential building block for leading a rich life.

As a sociologist and human behavior specialist, I’ve spent years reading, studying, thinking, considering, and teaching about social connection and how relationships shape our lives.

There is a plethora of research that shows that the quality of our relationships dictates the quality of our lives. Recently Harvard released research from a 75-year longitudinal study of human development and their key finding was, “GOOD RELATIONSHIPS KEEP US HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER. PERIOD.”

They found that the quality of the relationship matters, that social connection support immunity, and memory. They decrease memory loss. They found a lot of amazing benefits to connected, high quality relationships.

[Here’s the link to the study as a TED TALK: TED Talk - Robert Waldinger - What Makes a Good Life: Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness]

Stan Tatkin, a leading attachment researcher wrote a book called Wired for Love and Wired for Dating – (click name of books for more info) – and he constantly talks about how important it is to create meaningful connections in our life to protect our health and feel a sense of joy and meaning.

The key takeaway for today is to understand that developing and nurturing connected relationships is fundamental to leading a rich life.

The last pillar is your MONEY MINDSET.

Mastering your money mindset looks like you have low guilt, shame or fear around money – or that you’re constantly working on it so that you can create a better flow into your life. And you can appreciate the money that’s coming your way. It means that you make career, job, and business decisions based on a healthy money mindset. It means that you track your expenses, you live within your budget, you know your net worth and you are demonstrating that your taking action toward meeting your life-long financial goals.

Overall, a masterful money mindset has you able to say, “I LOVE MONEY AND MONEY LOVES ME!” and believe it deep in your soul.

To recap, PERSONAL POWER, CONNECTED RELATIONSHIPS, and MONEY MINDSET are the three essential pillars to leading a RICH life. The reason is that they holistically intersect – shaping, influencing, and overlapping with each other.

Have you ever noticed that your sense of self-worth is tied to both your net-worth and to the quality of your relationships? If you’re lacking in any of these three areas your life will be incongruent and imbalanced.

Let’s think of an example. A simple one…

If you have low self-worth it’s really hard to attract a high quality relationship into your life and if you do, it’s challenging to keep it stable.

Let’s say you’re imbalanced in the area of money. Maybe you’re able to make a lot of money but you don’t place a lot of value on your relationships so you work eighteen hours a day which leads to physical health that is degraded and your quality of you relationships degrades over time.

There a multitude of examples. I’m sure you can think of a million today [well maybe not a million! (-;] where you can see the intersection of these three pillars shaping and influencing your reality. The reason they’re so important to know is because it helps you raise consciousness and mindfulness to how these pillars are shaping your ability to lead a rich life.

Alright, let’s apply what we learned today.

For today’s ACTION STEP, I want you to start to consider how these three pillars show up in your life.

Are you balanced? Imbalanced? Where do you need to grow? It’s impossible to get where you want to go without knowing where you currently are.

So I want you to start to consider how these three pillars are affecting your daily life. And if you want to go really deep with this work, go to the description in the video and download the practice worksheet that I created with more questions, space for you to journal and answer these questions to consider how PERSONAL POWER, CONNECTED RELATIONSHIPS, and MONEY MINDSET, are affecting you.

Click here to gain access to the AWESOME 13 - page FREE BONUS download:

For now we will consider these 3 questions – just think about them, and remember if you want to go deeper, download the worksheet. 

  1. How would you rate the overall quality of your PERSONAL POWER?

Do you feel confident? Self-love? Do you have self-worth that’s through the roof? Can you look in the mirror and say, “I LOVE ME!” Are you taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being? Are you on your spiritual path—living your purpose and showing up in the world as the full expression of you. 

  1. How would you rate the quality of your CONNECTED RELATIONSHIPS?

 This takes into account all relationships because remember all social connections matter. This could be your partner, your kids, your colleagues, your friends, your family. Think about where you are at in your relationships. Do they feel high quality? Do they feel connected? Or are you longing for deeper connection?    

  1. Rate the quality of your MONEY MINDSET? 

Do you have guilt, fear or shame around money? Are you on track, demonstrating it with your actions by saving and investing? Are you aware of your budget? Do you know what you have in your savings account? Have you set up healthy money habits?

One of my absolute favorite mentors, Dr. John Demartini says, “The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our questions.”

So, doing this assessment and answering these questions is a first critical step on your road to leading a rich life. Understanding how these three pillars affect you and where you are imbalanced will help you grow and know what to shift and focus your energies on in order to transform. 

That’s all I’ve got for you today but be sure that if you’re getting something out of these videos, to like the video below, share it with your friends, subscribe to the channel and leave some comments to let me know how these rich life tips are working for you.

I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday with another Rich Life Tip.


Do what it takes to LEAD A RICH LIFE.

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