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I'm Dr. Amanda Barrientez, the founder of NFA Coaching and I'm grateful that you stopped by to learn more about me and my inspiration for coaching.
Let's start with the NFA Coaching Mission:
I am dedicated to impacting a minimum of 5,000,000 people through NFA Coaching's offerings - the Max Potential Habits Podcast/YouTube/IGTV Channel, books, online courses, 1:1 and group coaching, speaking, workshops, and NFA Health & Wealth.
It is my mission to help entrepreneurs, just like you, get inspired to do whatever it takes to transform into the most empowered version of yourself so you can lead a rich, thriving, kick-ass life and business. 

I use my NeuroFreedom™ Alignment Method to help you drop what I call, competing commitments™. These are unconscious blocks you have that prevent you from getting what you consciously say you want. Competing commitments™ create inner critic problems, such as limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, negative self-comparison, poverty consciousness, worry and fear, stress, and procrastination. 
The gift I bring as a coach is to help you step into your Zone of Genius and implement Universal laws - The Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation - so you can manifest your unique vision. 
I absolutely love coming up with actionable strategies to help you get energetically and mindset aligned because these are the roots of inspired action, magnetism, and manifestation. 
I so look forward to connecting with you to help you train your brain for success in life and business!

Why I’m Inspired to Be a Coach 

The creation of NFA Coaching was inspired by my own personal, relationship, money and professional growth and development journey and the recognition that we do not receive any formal education on how to thrive in our daily lives. There are no required self-empowerment, relationship, entrepreneurship, leadership, business, or money skills courses offered in the traditional school setting, so we hobble along in the dark learning the best we can from those around us. Many people feel dissatisfied and are longing for greater fulfillment, ease, and joy. NFA Coaching is designed to meet these needs.

To serve you best, I draw upon my enthusiasm for research, teaching, and coaching, my unique life experiences, and my advanced education in the social sciences to provide you with essential actionable strategies that will help you transform your life and business. 

I believe that that I was born to be an inspired educator and coach. Every experience and endeavor in my life has led me to this career path and the development of the NFA Coaching. It is my soul’s purpose to help others learn tools to help them create fulfillment and meaning in their lives. This is my gift, my skill, my craft, my mission. Facilitating transformation and empowerment in myself and others is my greatest source of joy in life. 

Professional Background

Demartini Method Trained®
A powerful transformation strategy to help you:

     •Breakthrough Blocks- Fear, Shame, Guilt, Arrogance, Self-Doubt
     •Balance Emotions
     •Overcome Grief & Loss
     •Reduce Anxiety & Lack of Energy
     •Enhance Immunity
     •Clarify Vision & Purpose
     •Increase Influence, Power & Leadership

 Demartini Values Certified®

  • Inspired by Dr. Demartini’s work, I utilize a values-based approach with my clients and draw upon universal laws and principles to transform lives and businesses.

With this method, I facilitate individuals, couples, entrepreneurs and businesses to:

• Lead Inspired Lives
• Awaken the Inner Genius & Leader Within
• Find Purpose and Meaning
• Gain Clarity & Focus
• Increase Immunity
• Deepen their Connection in Relationships
• Make More Money
• Increase Engagement, Productivity & Profitability

Relationship School®
  • 6 months of coursework on the Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships.
Ph.D. Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder 
  • Specialization in the areas of gender, masculinity, trauma, relationships, identity development, crime, qualitative methods, and life-history interviewing.
  • My dissertation titled, Toward Rehabilitative Justice: The Journey from De-habilitated Boys to Re-habilitated Men, focused on the traumatic life histories and transformational experiences of incarcerated men who were previously gang involved, spent over 18 years in prison, and then transitioned back into society.
  • I am immensely grateful for what I learned while earning my Ph.D.; especially realizing my love for teaching and understanding that as social beings the quality and depth of our interpersonal relationships deeply affects every aspect of our daily lives.
Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies
  • I am grateful to see the world through a gender-scholar lens. Applied to coaching, this training has offered me insight into individual, interpersonal, and institutional power dynamics and the ways in which sex and gender shape our identity and our personal, relationship, and professional realities.
B.A. Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder, Magna Cum Laude
  • My psychology background couples beautifully with my sociological training helping me to understand the interplay of the individual and society; I apply a social-psych intersectional approach to my coaching practice considering the ways culture, systems, societal expectations and injections shape an individual’s personal, interpersonal  and professional mindsets, experiences, and emotions.
Teaching Experience
  • I have taught over 2,000 students on a variety of topics such as: Sex, Gender, and Society, Crime & Society, Juvenile Justice, Whole Food & Essential Oil Health and Wellness, Wealth Mastermind, Sex Love & Relationships, and Values-Based Team Development. 
  • Award winning Instructor at the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • Held a one year position as a graduate researcher and interviewer for the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program at CU Boulder to help them understand the most successful teaching strategies.

Personal History

Fun life history facts: 

  • Colorado born and raised—oh yeah! I’ve lived in the blissful Boulder Bubble for 23-years (with a few years away in New York and Santa Fe for adventures).
  • I am Native American/Mexican American/Indigenous—from mom’s side of the family.
  • 1st Generation College Student. I am an outlier who earmed my Ph.D. at the wise age of 40.
  • Mama of three beautiful children. I met my co-parent when I was 13-years-old and he was 16. We were young first loves, parted ways until college and then ended up married for 15 years. We had three beautiful babies together who are now 22, 18, and 15. We’ve been divorced for several years and through repair work are now closer than we were when we were married; we are dear friends and will forever consider one-another as family.
  • I am deeply in love with my kids; at first I felt terrified to be a single mom and then discovered the power in single-motherhood. As a family, we challenge and support each other to see new perspectives and create deeper connection.
  • I am way into natural medicine: had natural home births, use essential oils and herbs to heal illnesses, and believe in mind over body practices for health and healing. I’ve only used antibiotics twice in the last 20 years. 
  • I advocate for individuals to embrace all expressions of self (eg. all gender presentations/identifications, religious choices, relationship styles etc.) and enjoy working with individuals, professionals, and businesses from a wide variety of backgrounds, orientations, and affiliations.

Life experiences and challenges I’ve come to see as gifts informing my unique and intuitive super-powers for coaching:

  • Born premature in the 70s, I was hospitalized for the first several weeks of my life and nearly died. This birth experience has given me personal insight into the significance of connection.
  • I've experienced what most would call "sexual trauma." These experiences offer unique insight into working with victim/survivor mindsets.
  • I was raised as a brown girl in a working class family living in a predominantly wealthy white community. Transforming my previous identity from being a “marginalized-victim” to an "empowered person" has been a profoundly transcendent process.
  • I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian family which shaped my life in a multitude of ways. Applied to coaching, it provides me with insight into helping others move through shame, fears, and blocks to develop spiritually in alignment with universal truths.
  • I was overweight as a kid and got made fun of throughout elementary school. This contributed to my love of exercise. After losing 30 pounds the summer before 6th grade, I have been a persevering athlete. In high school, I was a competitive state swimmer. Currently, I most enjoy trail running in the Boulder mountains. I have competed in half and full trail marathon (Aspen Backcountry—6,172 feet of gain at 8,000 – 10,200 feet of altitude-QUITE A CHALLENING RUN!), numerous duathlons, two triathlons, and bike races. I know how to help others be disciplined and transform their habits for physical well-being. 
  • I have experienced a multiple deaths and suicides of those close to me while growing up. These losses have helped me to understand the grieving process first-hand and the Demartini Grief Method is an invaluable tool I offer to help you overcome loss with more ease and grace.
  • I have overcome affairs and dysfunctional family dynamics. I have grown immeasurably in my personal and relationship life through experiencing and repairing previously toxic family and marriage dynamics. 
  • A decade ago I went through a bankruptcy and a house foreclosure. This drove me to return to college to finish my BA and then PhD. During grad school I got divorced, became a single-mama and accessed food stamps to feed my kids. These financial hardships led me on a quest to become a money master and I went from food stamps to a 6-figure income in 3 years! I am enthusiastically cultivating and nurturing my financial house. I've chosen to build NFA coaching because I view entrepreneurship as a vehicle for building long term wealth. It is my company's goal to create a million dollar a year business that has a global impact - transforming 5 million+ lives (yes - I am NFA! (-:) I love teaching people how to become more masterful with their money because I know, first-hand what it's like to be stuck in daily-worry-survival-mode-money-stress.
  • I’ve had the opportunity to observe and be involved in multiple relationship formations: my parents have been married for 46 years, I was married for 15 years and am now happily co-parenting with my children’s father, I've been in an open relationship and navigated the dating world, I was in a several year step-family partnership, and am now a head-of-household-single-mama further exploring the growth-filled terrain of what it means to experience real love where both partners choose to look deep within and approach relationships as catalysts for growth and evolution.
  • In graduate school I discovered that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching! Watching individuals transform through gaining and implementing new knowledge is my juicy bliss in life.
  • I learned the spirit of entrepreneurship and biz skills from both of my parents: my mom was profitably self-employed and owned a personal assistant and house-keeping business while I was growing up; my dad is a serial entrepreneur who has experienced several failures and achievements in his business endeavors. Today my parents own a successful business together. Yay mom and pop! I’ve personally owned and run multiple businesses over my life course.


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P.S. This roadmap includes tips, tools and resources I gathered while going from food-stamps to 6-figures in less than 3 years. Get unstuck now!