-The Ultimate Mindset Switch Strategy-

By Dr. Amanda Barrientez


Do you ever get stuck in a rut of negative thinking?

In the PDF workbook, you'll practice using a mindset switch strategy that will help you get unstuck by shifting into solution-oriented action. It's ULTIMATE because you can apply it to any area of your life or biz!


Learn About Your Inner-Critic

Learn why the inner-critic exists and how to overcome the negative voice.

Transform Your Mindset

Learn how to use this simple strategy to help you get out of negative-inner-critic thinking and into solution-oriented action.

Practice the Strategy

This PDF provides instructions to practice so you can immediately implement the Mindset Switch into your daily life.

"This is such a simple question; yet so few of us ever ask it of ourselves! Since Amanda developed this approach and shared it with me, I've been able to implement it daily and it's become a habitual thought pattern for me. It has increased my patience, self-love, and tolerance for others, among many other positive impacts. What a FANTASTIC question to begin leading a life of which you actually feel in control! Thanks ABI coaching!"

- Josh L. -

"Three simple words that can change anyone's life! "How Can I..." should be the title of your next book! Possibilities are life changing, and "How can I..." leads only to possibilities! Thanks NFA Coaching for a super start to my morning!"

- Ed B. -
Sales Manager -

"This is a good starting point for someone in a rut. We often mumble to ourselves our dissatisfaction, but when you start digging in and writing things down you can see a plan start to unfold. Solid advice for almost anyone. The worksheet works."

- Trey Newkerk -

"AWWWWWWEEESOMMME......... we can apply this to any and everything we'd like to change in our lives. Thank you and I am up for the challenge."

- Deborah B. -

"Such an important topic and something so many of us struggle with. Breaking it down into simple steps provides a digestible, yet effective way of transforming your life. Can't wait to see more!"

- Alethea T. -
Creative Writer & Student