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Hello! I’m Dr. Amanda Barrientez,
a max potential coach known for my
N.F.A. – No Fucking Around – approach
to helping people and businesses thrive.



Do you want to go from survival mode to thrival mode?

Get your step-by-step roadmap to learn how you can cultivate personal power, develop win-win relationships, and become a magnetic money master so you can thrive in life and business.


"The results of our session were more than apparent in how I was able to show up at work today - who I was able to be. I was more empowered and more authentic. Not 100% there yet - but experienced a huge shift. It made a profound impact and difference in working with my colleagues which will impact the people they work with, a ripple effect. I'm feeling huge gratitude for your coaching. You helped me be a better human capital manager today. I am inspired and more at peace - like I'm on the journey to being more whole. Keep doing what you are a genius at! THANK you Amanda. "

-Evan M. -
Executive Coach | Human Capital Manager

"I am so grateful to have had a session with Amanda. We tackled a topic that had been a life-long issue for me, and that I felt hesitation to address publicly. She welcomed me with no judgment, and full of love, and she guided me through an experience that was life-changing. For so long I thought I'd never be able to shift my perspective, and now I have. My daily interactions with people are more solid and I feel more confident in myself. Thank you Amanda for being YOU, and for being in my life as a coach and friend."

Liz G.
Transformational Coach

"Amanda is insightful, patient and possesses incredible knowledge when it comes to personal growth and development. It's easy to react to those things that bring us a charge, never recognizing our own hang-ups relating to childhood experiences. I love the perspective she brings, reminding me of my blind spots and refocusing my efforts towards becoming a better man. She's taught me to sit with myself in quiet reflection, become more emotionally aware and completely available to all my family, friends and partner. I am forever grateful for Amanda and her coaching."

Jeff B.
Sales Executive

"Amanda possesses "inner calm" and intuition which is seen in her drive to go deep into healing to liberate her life. She shares her experience and gifts through ABi coaching. Amanda is an advocate of optimum heath and healing. Her energy and strategy base is boundless and extensive! She exposed me to one of these strategies at the right time and it changed my limited perspective and had a profound impact on how I witness and experience intimate relationship. I had an awakening in my own understanding that literally rewired and liberated me. She exudes a quiet confidence that naturally put me at ease while still being serious about the challenges at hand."

Bonnie E.
Executive Assistant, Writer

"Amanda is priceless! She is an amazing person committed to helping individuals overcome challenges. In our first coaching session, I was able to gain valuable knowledge about how to deal with grief, loss, and stress during a time of difficulty in my life. Our session was invaluable and more than what I expected. I really appreciated Amanda’s open, compassionate, patient, mindful, and supportive approach. The depth of her experience is a rare and profound and she has truly helped me to transform my reality in a positive way. Her methods are Pragmatic, Productive, and Powerful. I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart for all the great coaching."

Ade M.
Graduate Research Assistant/PhD Student

"ABi coaching will change your life. Amanda does not just validate you; she provides tools to help you grow and shift your perspective. She has been an invaluable coach, guiding me through exercises that address shadows and charges in both my personal and professional life. Every time I work with Amanda I feel deeply heard, wrapped in compassion, and guided by her profound intuition. She has offered me both a mirror and prescriptions for change. I have noticed immediate results from her coaching! I am so grateful to have this powerful woman in my life!"

Kendra H.
Researcher, Graduate Instructor

"Amanda has been a powerful coach for me over this past year. I have learned so many new relational skills and developed tremendously in my personal and professional life. She is an amazing listener and has a huge heart when it comes to support. Amanda is always coming to me with new ideas and challenges to make my life better. I have been able to heal multiple relationship wounds this year while continuing to develop my self-love and inner-happiness. Amanda has a brilliant talent of bringing out the best in people while supporting them and being there for them on many levels. I highly recommend working with ABi Coaching if your're looking for personal development, self-confidence and relational skills."

Kelly Kokora
Coach | Motivational Speaker

"This class was so inspiring and I will be forever changed - in a good way - because of it."

Student - Sex, Gender & Society

"Working with Amanda, I applied a practice that I understood well in theory but had yet to get traction on in an important aspect of my life. Amanda challenged me in my “stuckness” and offered me support to re-examine my patterns. Working with her, I gained insights to the area I had struggled to understand. The methods and experience Amanda brings to her coaching have changed my life!"

Brandy B.
JD - Mediator

"I wanted to let you know that this was one of the most interesting and eye-opening classes I have ever taken. I find myself looking at life in a different way and that is more than what I take away from any class."

Student - Sex, Gender & Society

"ABi Coaching has provided me with the tools to overcome the ultimate obstacle in my life: myself. As an aspiring author attempting to publish, I felt genuinely terrified to put myself out there, only to be rejected. Amanda provided me with exercises that allowed for my fear to be acknowledged and simultaneously minimized. Since receiving her coaching, I've submitted my book to 5 publishers. I have been given the gift of learning how to face my own fear head on, acknowledge it, and then move on by reminding myself of the endless positives that are associated with trying, failing, and succeeding. I am thankful for Amanda's coaching to get me on track for becoming a published author."

Alethea C.
Creative Writer / Student

"Amanda's class completely shifted my thought process. It is my favorite, most eye-opening class I've ever taken!"

Student - Sex, Gender, & Society






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