Want More Money? Try This Strategic Money Magnet Habit
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Want More Money? Try This Strategic Money Magnet Habit

Want More Money?

Try This Strategic Money Magnet Habit

If you are someone who wishes they could earn, save, invest or manage money like a master, then this video is for you!

{Video Highlights:}
What are your money blocks?

My money blocks and history.

Money mastery is a skill and a habit.
Anyone can learn it.
What it looks like to be a money master.

Learn the skills and implement strategic money habits.
The accelerated money magnet savings plan.

Don’t be like most people. Start TODAY!
10% auto-debit every week into money magnet account.

Calculate 6 months of living expenses.
Save until you have 6 months of living money saved.
Every quarter increase the weekly amount by 10%.
Creates a sense of safety and security.
Magnetizes more.

What about debt payments?
Watch your money grow.
Try it for one year and see what happens.
Money appreciates for those who appreciate it.

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Get INSPIRED to do whatever it takes to
TRANSFORM into the most EMPOWERED version of yourself
so you can THRIVE in your personal and professional life!

About Amanda 
& ABi Coaching

Dr. Amanda Barrientez is the founder of ABi Coaching, a private coaching institute that teaches growth-minded people how to get unstuck and get on track so they can maximize their potential to thrive. She’s known for her N.F.A. (No Fucking Around😉 ) approach to teaching clients practical, actionable strategies that help them:

*Implement Max Potential Habits
*Transform Shame, Fear, & Emotional Blocks
*See Blind Spots and Gain Clarity
*Cultivate Confidence
*Access Personal, Leadership, & Entrepreneurial Power
*Awaken Inner Genius to Live from Mission, Purpose & Meaning
*Nurture Win-Win Relationships
*Become Money Masters
*Develop Strategies to Execute and Accomplish Goals
*Monetize Knowledge
*Accelerate Biz P.E.P.

Amanda works with high power people who want to take it to the next level, coaches, aspiring and active entrepreneurs and businesses.

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